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Our Starting Point: Wisdom in the Light of the  Realities of Life

There’s so much confusion and uncertainty around; terrorism, natural disasters, unforeseen accidents and mishaps etc. What’s the meaning of all these? Who knows what’s going to happen next and where?

Some say the only things that are certain are tax and death. This may be true in this world but eternity and God’s final judgment  are as sure as earth, heaven and hell.

Wisdom demands a sober reflection; when all in this uncertain world is over, what next? There can only be two possibilities:

  1. There’s no eternity, no heaven or hell, no final judgment.  Death is the final stage.
  2. There is life after death, eternity with its consequence, a final judgment, the fire of hell and the glory of heaven.


  1. If all ends here on earth at the point of death, then, no matter what choices I make, there are no consequences.
  2.  If there really is life after death on earth, and the warnings of the Bible about judgment, heaven and hell are true, then there is a consequence for my choices here on earth.


For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world [wealth, fame, success], but forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? Matthew 16:26
No matter how long we live here on earth, we’ll leave it. We came with nothing, we go with nothing … except all we sowed in thoughts, words and actions. Jesus speaks of The Rich Fool, who in his earhly wisdom, prepared for a lasting earhly satisfaction. However, in his eternal foolishness, he failed to prepare for life after death on earth. Jesus declares him foolish. Luke 12:16-21


Yet, even our best thoughts, words and actions are inadequate to save us; they are compared to filthy rags outside of Christ. Isaiah 64:6, John 14:6. The safe place is in Jesus. He has a free gift of eternal life for us, which no earthly situation can take from us. Neither can we lose it outside of this world, as we hold on to the Lord, Jesus Christ. Romans 8:31-39 For more information about this, please visit How to Become a ChristianWisdom requires action.

Eternity! Eternity! For a YouTube version, please go to the bottom of this post.

Eternity! Eternity!
Where will you spend Eternity?
This question comes to you and me!
How will you spend Eternity?
Tell me, what shall your answer be—
Where will you spend Eternity?
Eternity! Eternity!
Where will you spend Eternity?
Many are choosing Christ today,
Turning from all their sins away;
Christ shall their blessed portion be:
How will you spend Eternity?
Eternity! Eternity!
How will you spend Eternity?
Leaving the strait and narrow way,
Going the downward road today,
What shall the final ending be—
Where will you spend Eternity?
Eternity! Eternity!
Where will you spend Eternity?
Repent, believe this very hour,
Trust in the Savior’s grace and power:
Then shall your joyous answer be,
Saved through a long Eternity!



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