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Christian Dating and Christian Courtship?

Preamble: Terminologies

In many fields of study, terms and definitions can be controversial. The same is true in relation to dating, courtship and marriage.  Some of the terms in use may not be agreeable to everyone due to cultural, historical and even church background differences. There are believers who feel uncomfortable with terms such as “dating.” For them, dating sounds worldly and casual, and gives the impression that the encounter is usually leading into unscriptural practices. The same is true of the terms “boyfriend and “girlfriend”.  Such believers consider expressions like “courting” or “courtship” and “potential mate,” or later, “intending couple,” or “fiancé (e) as more appropriate for Christians. On the other hand, many people feel “courting” and “courtship” are outdated expressions.

We use the term “dating” cautiously. First, for us, it is Christian Dating. Second, we are mindful that the initial contact between a Christian man and a Christian woman is only an attempt to get to know the other person sufficiently. This is needed to be able to make an appropriate godly judgment as to whether they are suitable for each other to form a lifelong Christ-honouring marriage. For want of a better expression, “dating” best captures this period. It is after the agreement to proceed into a Christian relationship that “courtship” begins.  We do not consider the terms “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” strong enough or suitable for Christians. At the beginning of their getting to know each other, we think of them as “potential mates”.  Once the two have come to a prayerful decision to begin their courtship, we see them as “an intending couple” or “fiancé (e).

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