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May God give you more and more grace and peace as you grow in your knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord. - 2 Peter 1:2

CEMA Lifeline Ministries

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CEMA Lifeline (Christian Education and Missions for All Lifeline) is a non-denominational and non-sectarian Christian organisation. There’s something for everyone at CEMA Lifeline, irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, religion or a lack of one. Also, everyone has a place at CEMA Lifeline – either to receive support or give it. CEMA Lifeline is an attempt to express the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ based on biblical nobility of purpose, integrity and humility,  with no interest in showmanship.

CEMA Lifeline’s Ministries/Departments

CEMA Lifeline currently has the following Ministries/Departments:

Group of young students studying together

1. Education, Training and Missions

CEMA Lifeline is concerned with Education, Training and Missions. The whole Body of Christ is encouraged to grow in the faith and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ (Christian Education), study and practice towards excellence in Christian service (Training) and shine as the light to our world in whatever capacity God enables us (Missions).

CEMA Lifeline is also committed to the practical teaching and application of biblical principles for daily living while engaging in secular work/missionary efforts in the fields of Education and Training (English, Maths, Science, ESOL, IELTS, Business Communication and Employability/Life & Work Skills).

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Sharing glory2.Relationship Matters

Relationship does matter. Christian Dating, Courtship and Marriage features prominently in the activities of CEMA Lifeline as maintaining, or endeavouring to maintain, healthy relationships bring the best out of the human soul and spirit. Integral to this department is Family Health, with the aim to be a blessing to the whole person – body, soul and spirit.

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Person writing on a document3.  Writing and Editing

The Writing and Editing Department offers guidance and support in writing for various purposes; academic, professional, ministry and leisure.  These may be books, essays, projects, theses, devotionals, newsletters, magazines, scholarly and theological articles, both in print and online. This is complemented by our proofreading and editing services. Furthermore, this website spotlights some of our own Creative Writing endeavours for your enjoyment.

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CEMA Lifeline’s Core Values: