Christian Education and Missions for All

May God give you more and more grace and peace as you grow in your knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord. - 2 Peter 1:2

Light Shining on the Holy Bible. Book of Life - Word of God on dark backgroundThe Holy Bible, consisting of 39 Old Testament and 27 New Testament books, is, in its original form, the inspired word of God and is the final authority in all matters concerning Christian life and practice. Everyone needs to humbly seek to understand and apply its principles to their lives.

The Godhead/Trinity is one God who reveals Himself as three separate, distinct and recognisable personalities; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Triune (three-in-one) God is the Creator of the universe and Saviour of the human race. God is eternal, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, holy, just but full of love and compassion. God deserves our praise, worship, thanks and service.

The Immaculate/Virgin Birth of Jesus and His Deity in which Jesus was born of a virgin, named Mary, through the power of the Holy Spirit of God, without the agency of a man. He was, therefore, uniquely, the Son of God. He lived a sinless life, performed many outstanding miracles, was crucified, died on the cross, was buried, rose from death bodily, appeared to His disciples and many others for a period of 40 days and went up to heaven in the presence of His disciples. He now sits at the right hand of God, the Father, interceding for (pleading on behalf of) His followers.

Man’s Total Depravity is the condition of all individuals since the Fall and all were subject to God’s wrath and condemnation. God created human beings in His own image but we fell into sin through voluntary disobedience.

Redemption from Sin and the Curse of the Law is God’s plan to restore all people through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ. Divine healing is part of the redemptive plan.

Repentance and Salvation refer to the complete turning away from sins, which is required of every sinner who desires to embrace the salvation God offers through Jesus Christ. Salvation is obtained as the repentant sinner receives Jesus as Lord and Saviour with faith in His atoning sacrifice alone, confirmed by the word and the Spirit of God. It is not by our good efforts and works, church attendance, religious observance, worship, donations, dedication and even service. God’s plan of salvation includes the restoration of believers who are backslidden in heart and life. Restore in love and gentleness. Separate from the hard-hearted backslider but warn them as brothers and sisters, not enemies.

Restitution is making amends for wrongs done against others, including restoring what was stolen and apologising to people we offended, so as to have a conscience free of offense towards God and man.

Justification by Faith is the act of God’s grace, whereby one receives forgiveness and remission (removal) of sin and guilt. The offender is fully pardoned and the record of sin is completely erased. It is a state in which we stand before God as if we have never committed a sin as Jesus has paid the full price for sin through His sacrificial death for us.

The New Birth is a real state of change or conversion, in which the repentant sinner or restored backslider has a new life in Christ.

Satan, Fallen Angels/Spirits, and False Prophets were created by God and were originally holy. Satan, known as Lucifer, the covering Cherub, originated sin in his heart by becoming proud and desiring to “be like the Most High”. He influenced a rebelion in heaven and was cast out of it by God. He is a real person, powerful but not all-powerful like God. He can only be in one place at a time and goes up and down the world, looking for anyone he can destroy. The fallen angels are now evil spirits working with Satan. All believers in Christ overcome him through Christ. Nevertheless, we are warned, “Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.”. We must put on the whole armour of God and resist him, his evil spirits and false teachers and false prophets.

Deliverance from the Power of Satan is God’s provision through Christ’s atoning sacrifice whereby human beings are freed from the power, torments, and deception of Satan in all its forms. It has been paid for by Christ and knowing the Truth sets us free.

Daily Christian Living is essential to our new life in Christ. We need to grow and mature as Christians through prayer, Bible reading, fellowship with other believers and walking in the Spirit

The Unity of the Body of Christ is the recognition of, respect for and cooperation with other believers in our service to our Lord although we may differ in styles of worship and non-essential practices and teachings. Jesus prayed for the unity of His Body, the Church (All who have received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour). It is important for believers to belong to a visible church.

Restoration of the Backslider is included in God’s plan of salvation. Believers who are backslidden in heart and life. can and should enjoy the Father’s love and fellowship of other believers as they repent and retrace their steps. Restore such people in love and gentleness. Separate from the hard-hearted backslider but warn them as brothers and sisters, not enemies. We are to pray for them, not gossip about them. Backsliding, lukewarmness and coldness can happen to an individual, a church and a nation.

Water Baptism is the act of one immersion in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and it is essential after reconciliation with God. It symbolises that, having received the new birth in Christ, we are now dead to sin (buried in water) and raised up (from the water) in new life.

The Lord’s Supper was instituted by Jesus Christ so that believers might partake to “show the Lord’s death till He returns”

Marriage is the perfect will and institution of God, even before the Fall of humanity. It is binding for life and must not be broken except one spouse passes away or there is marital unfaithfulness or gross abuse. Even then, God calls us to peace. Marriage must be contracted in sincerity and in the fear of God.

Sanctification is a definite act of God’s grace, whereby a believer’s heart is purified and made holy. Holiness of heart and life is essential for those who want to see God eventually. God called His children out of the world to holiness. We are sanctified (made holy) through faith in the word of God and the Blood of Jesus.

Moderation in lifestyle is the characteristic whereby believers in Jesus Christ avoid extremes in life and conduct, seeking to be heavenly minded and earthly relevant.

The Fruit of the Spirit is the blessed quality and personality trait the Holy Spirit works out in the lives of believers in Christ as they walk in the Lord. It is a clear opposite to the old life of sin.

The Holy Spirit Baptism is the release of God’s power on believers as promised by the Father and the Son. It is accompanied by the initial evidence of speaking in an unlearned language as the Holy Spirit prompts.

The Gifts of the Spirit are gifts given by the Holy Spirit to believers to say and do things that are beyond normal human capacity for the glory of God, the edification of the church and the deliverance of the captives of the evil one. The gifts are to be exercised in humility, integrity and only as prompted by the Holy Spirit, with no room for fleshly, selfish and manipulative tendencies.

Personal Evangelism is a God-given and God-ordained ministry for every believer in Jesus Christ. God requires His chidren to be fruitful in winning souls to His kingdom.

Stewardship of Time, Talent and Resources is the attitude of believers to all that our loving Father has given us. All we are and have (personality, qualifications, skills, talents, time, possessions, privileges and opportunities) are given to us by God both as our Creator and Redeemer. We are to lovingly use them to serve Him and others in humility, integrity and sacrifice, knowing that we shall account for how we use them before Him eventually. We do not work to get saved as Jesus saves us only by God’s grace but we will be rewarded by Christ for our works.

The Rapture is the catching away from the earth of all who died in the Lord and all living saints at that time. The Rapture will take place before The Great Tribulation and it can happen at any moment. Most Christians believe in pre-tribulation rapture.

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb is the wedding feast of Christ and His Bride, everyone who has been saved by His Blood. It will take place in heaven between the rapture and the second coming of Christ during the Great Tribulation on earth. Believers shall be individually rewarded of their love, service and faithfulness.

The Great Tribulation is a time of great suffering on the earth when the Antichrist will take possession of the world for a reign of terror. It is also referred to as the time of Jacob’s trouble. During this time, the Antichrist will control this world in a reign of terror. He will be a man with supernatural and diabolical powers, who will blaspheme and declare himself to be God

The Second Coming of Christ will be as literal and visible as His going away.He is coming to execute judgment upon the ungodly. He will also, then, set up His Kingdom and reign on this present earth for a thousand years.

Bodily Resurrection and Immortality of the Soul are inevitable to all who have ever lived. Some will resurrect to honor and glory and others to everlasting shame and contempt.

The Great White Throne Judgment is God’s final, irreversible and eternal judgment of all who ever lived. All souls in all generations, great and small, rich and poor, will stand before their maker to give account of their lives while on earth. and will be judged according to their works. This is after the Millennium. The judgment of believers’ s has already taken place through Jesus Christ ‘s atoning sacrifice on the Cross. The devil and his angels will be judged at this time and they will be thrown into the lake of fire forever.

A New Heaven and Earth “in which dwells righteousness” will be created by God and the redeemed shall live with God forever. This present earth, which has been polluted by sin, will pass away after the Great White Throne Judgment. Nothing unclean or impure will be there. We shall know each other and our knowledge will be perfect. The redeemed will experience full redemption as there will be no more curses upon anything., no sickness, sorrow or pain. There will be no more night or darkness as the glory of the Lord will brighten everywhere.

The Lake of Fire is a place of everlasting torment reserved for Satan, his angels and all individuals whose names are not in The Book of Life, including false teachers and prophets. They will be punished forever and ever. It was prepared for the devil and his angels (Mathew 25:41) but God has also decreed that the unrepentant wicked and all those who forget Him and reject Christ’s offer of salvation in this world will be thrown there.